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To understand how KC and Son & Sons is revolutionary, you need to have a sense of humour, a sense of taste, and a sense of language.

The sense of humour will help you get the most out of all the funny, jokey, rib-tickling aspects of this iconoclastic food business.
The sense of taste will tell you that eating KC's food is no simple matter. Instead, it's a soulful matter, for the team here care deeply about what they cook and how they cook it.
And your sense of language will tell you that applying the term “fast food” to what Wes Crawford and his family do is way, way wide of the mark.

KC's, instead, is a “fast-casual” restaurant. It's like Danny Meyer's Shake Shack: great cooking in an informal set-up, with long queues of hungry people every day testifying to the goodness of what they do. Sincerely sourced and superbly cooked ingredients that create delicious meals, done without pretension.

Ireland needs more fast-casual restaurants like KC's, places where you get real food, and great service and value. The country would be well-served by a KC's fast-casual restaurant in every town. Instead, every town has fast-food restaurants, but we don't go there.
Instead we go to KC's, and have Bresnan's steak sandwich, a KC's special burger on Hassett's bap; a meat patty, a side or two of chips, a bottle of water.

So, remember: KC & Son & Sons is not fast food. KC's is fast-casual, and fast-smart, and fast-good. And fast-Cork, of course.

McKenna’s Guide 2015

Created in Cork by Graphique Magnifique
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