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In 1958 Ken & Edith Crawford had a simple idea. Produce quality food, at prices everyone could afford and serve it efficiently. Fifty odd years on, while Douglas has transformed into a sprawling suburban megalopolis, one small, ex-cottage right in the centre has hardly changed at all. Apart from the wall colours and a menu 1950's locals couldn't have dreamed of the humble fish and chip shop remains so. Only the incessant queues are a testament to the attention given to tradition, innovation, value and devotion.

Our ethos hasn't changed to this day. We still strive to produce quality food, using the best local ingredients. We still strive to keep our prices low. And the queue moves faster than ever...
Blink and you’d miss it as you cruise through the bustling village of Douglas. Yet, even though dwarfed by the adolescent growth spurts of industry and progress around us, KC's still stands tall as a truly world renowned eatery. For over half a century now the family run business has certainly done its best to maximize the output from the tiny building bursting with fresh ideas and overflowing with gastronomic creative juices.

Among the first to introduce the Hamburger to the people of Cork. Inventors of the often imitated Meat Patties. Purveyors of the famous King Creole, Chicken Bombay and The KC Special Burger. Serving thousands of hungry people every week, the best things really do come in small packages.

The Bombshell:

The guest pitta that is so popular we daren't remove it.
One of our famous Chicken Bombays in a pita with mayo, chutney, lettuce and chips.
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The Flying Fish
A hot pitta filled with strips of battered fish (daily catch) with a sweet chilli-lime dressing, mayo, a few chips, coriander and lettuce.
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We are proud winners of the McKenna Award
11 years running now.
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The Soprano

Herby pork and beef meatballs, mozzarella, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, mayo, chips and lettuce all coerced into a hot pitta.
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Home of the one and only
King Creole.
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The Philly Steak:

Inspired by the famous Cheese Steak of Philadelphia. Our take on it is a Pitta filled with sliced fillet steak, melted cheddar, fried onions and mushrooms, chips and iceberg lettuce.
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Here at KC's we're not just passionate about the food we produce, we also care deeply about the environment. 95% of our packaging is recyclable or compostable. We use Down To Earth products such as forks and drinking straws made from starch which biodegrade within 180 days.

We also try to use local suppliers and producers as much as possible. Our chicken is sourced locally, supplied by Sheehan's farm just up the hill from us. Our beef is locally farm reared, supplied by Bresnan's Butchers. The fish we use is caught in Irish waters and usually landed at Crosshaven or Castletownbere. Our bread is baked daily by Cuthbert’s Bakery in Midleton. We smoke our own Irish bacon.

We make our own sauces and blend our own spices.
KC's is the wittiest place to eat in Ireland. Wes Crawford and his team – KC and son and sons: you call it family, they call it nepotism – put the fun into eating, for they see humour, witticisms, puns, drollness, laughs and jocularity in everything. The graphics are a hoot. The website and Facebook page are a scream. And queueing in the little shop is a treat in itself, for there is so much to be amused by. These guys are so witty they could serve you gruel and you would be happy. But, as well as being funny, they are people who care about what they cook and serve, so this is proper food: lovely fresh fish; ace pork belly bbq, the classic meat pattie; the chicken curry, the pig in spuds. Laugh? Once inside this tardis of good food, you will laugh. Only in Cork, boy. Only in Cork.
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